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It's Spring time again! Time to kick off the season with new fun essentials for our wardrobes. This year 2018 I am focusing on my hair. Have you ever been in a place where you just want to change your overall hairstyle or color style to match an outfit? Well, it's happened to me time and time again. After so many dying's and hair changes I realized I needed to focus more on the actual texture and upkeep of my hair. This is when I stumbled across what we like to call a unicorn secret. It took a solid two months of trying every different hair product out there to get my best hair type before I finally cracked the lustrous hair code. You see, with so many hair changes over the past years my hair started to get brittle and some actually started falling out. My hair not only became frayed but also very flat with no shine or volume. Who wants to show up with hair like that? Throw a pregnancy in on top of it all and as you can imagine I pretty much considered my hair doomed for life. Thankfully with this secret I would never have to battle with frayed dull lifeless hair. Never again would I be tossed into the throws of panic and disgust at my hairbrush as I scratched out a nasty snarl before breakfast.

Before we get to the juicy secret let me enlighten you with a story about the unicorn's hair.

First off I think that we can all agree that Unicorns are beautiful. They’re hair just fits them naturally. Unicorns are very similar to us in many ways. One is they are always primping and priming their hair. Unicorns spend so much time in the mirror that I guarantee you they have forgotten how amazing their rainbow hair really is. The unicorns wandering eye looks at our human hair whether it be long or short, black, auburn, blonde, or brown and the unicorn longs for it. Hoping to wake up one day and see their wild prism hair as a lovely single color. This is where the unicorns have to learn the lesson of appreciating how they were created. This means taking good care of what they have been born with and not always thinking the grass is green on the other side. We too can be confident and more accepting of ourselves by following their example. I’m not saying experimenting with rainbow colors or new styles is off the table. I’m just saying, like the unicorn, let's learn to take good care of our hair and love what we have. This will boost our confidence in who we are.

What are you doing to take good care of your hair? Post in the comments below because I love to hear your secrets. If you want perfect unicorn hair to compliment your perfect outfit this spring email me at priscilladawn@gmail.com or text me at (760) 859 6319 or comment below (whatever Is your favorite) and I can add you to a Facebook group I’m in with more product info, hair tips and tricks & before/afters!

Photo Credit: Stocksy/Milles Studio, Mallory Heyer, Magic Murals

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