How to Decorate Your Shoes for a Party

Let's talk about shoes. If you are going to a party or special occasion wearing fancy shoes count. You might think of your shoes as being a nice statement piece besides your hat. They make a good conversation and you will stand out from the party in a memorable way.

To decorate a pair of shoes it is a fairly simple process.

All you need is a suitable pair of shoes that goes with your outfit. The plainer the better because then you can get more creative. Pumps work great for these or flats. Shoes without lace ups or ties work the best.

Other things you will need:

Heat glue gun, or super glue. Pins or clothes pins. (These are for you to be able to test your design before you securely attach them) Thread and needle work too if the shoes are made with soft fabrics.

Flowers, Ribbons, Laces, Pearls, Beading, Crystals, Pieces of unused jewelry and anything else that captures your fancy can be used.

Start by pinning your decorations on the shoes to get a general idea of how you want to decorate them. Start with your base lace first. Glue it on carefully. Then layer over the top the other decorations as preferred. Let the shoes dry for about a day and then try them out for a spin before your event. Just to make sure that if any of the decorations on the shoes comes loose you can bond it with the glue again.

The finished look should be an elevated beautiful shoe that you will cherish forever. Be sure to have fun and strut your beautiful work at the party.

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