What is a Good Design?

What is good design? Good design is thought out and carefully presented in such a way that a clear story is shared. Designs are a way for the designer so convey a message to the world through their art. Some might argue that good design is an exercise in restraint. This concept may be true when it comes to the human understanding and interpretations of complex inventions. However, that is not the only imperative. When designing we have a natural tendency to add more features, draw more lines, sculpt more surfaces, load more options, etc with the belief that by adding “more” more value is provided to the consumer. A good designer is trained to refrain from the urge to add. Simplicity is key in most good designs. To reduce the amount of parts, reduce complexity, reduce waste, and reduce cost. Design is the capacity to make clear a product or services purpose or message.

Society thinks that the role of a designer is to beautify through adding decoration, Yet others believe the true role of design is to remove elements to reveal an idea only adding what is necessary to craft a story. The desire for a product or service to do all things leads to no one thing being done well. As a result it becomes difficult to use and the consumer will find another product that does the intended role better.

With a society that demands new and improved and loses interest in a matter of seconds designers jump at the opportunity to add value. Some minimalists think that society has the misconception that “more” somehow equates to better. We have become hard wired to believe this too. The difficult task for any designer is to be able to remove elements while still communicating value. Some say to understand the essence of design is better put as the principle of reduction. Reduce to reveal value. But to reduce takes knowledge. To remove what does not enhance a message or idea and leave what does, takes understanding, skill and vision. And a good designer or studio must be able to show the client this vision and the true value it brings. I also believe in adding decoration as much as I believe in the process of simplifying a design. There should be no limits placed on a designer as to what he or she can achieve through their design as long as the design becomes the best it can be. Trends change and so does our human perspective as to what is right or what is wrong for the design process. Before we pass judgment on whether a design is good or not we need to ask the questions. Will this design serve its purpose, convey its story and uphold its expectations of the audience? Was the designer operating at his or hers greatest capacity when this creation came into the world? Was the creator residing in utmost joy and alignment during the constructing process? These questions matter most in creating perfection. It is not about how simple or how enhanced a design can be. It is about finding alignment and producing a creation that presents it's fullest potential.

What do you think adds to good design process? I love to hear! Share in the comments below or email me direct at priscilladawn@gmail.com

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