Do you like stripes?

Stripes are still in. Or are they? What do you like about stripes? I have always been a black an white type person. If it wasn't black it would be white. If it wasn't white it would be black. My car is black and white, my house, my bedroom decor and most of my clothes. Maybe that is because I'm a winter color tone and winters can carry black or white well. We winters love grey's and pinks too. I accept stripes a reminder that the world offers us much contrast and it is to be celebrated.

stripes can be for those practicing a Gothic style or For Fans of Tim Burton inspirations. ^^^^

<<<Check out this amazing bride and her bridesmaids in black and white and this lovely striped cake! So many things and themes can be decorated in blacks and whites. >>>>>

Let's gain some insight on stripes and how it is interpreted in the world esp clothing. In Michel Pastoureau’s comprehensive book, The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes, the author details how in the Middle Ages, wearing stripes was a perilous act. He writes how a cobbler in northern France (year 1310) was condemned to die because, "he had been caught in striped clothes.' At that time, striped clothing was considered 'demeaning, pejorative, or clearly diabolic' and was worn by social outcasts, such as prostitutes, jugglers, clowns and cripples. Pastoureau traces back to a group of Carmelite monks, who put on brown and white striped cloaks. Their dress was thought to be inspired by the prophet Elijah, who supposedly vanished into the sky on a chariot of fire, leaving behind a habit singed with brown stripes. When the monks arrived in Paris from Palestine, their uniform saw them nicknamed les frères barrés or barred brothers, and they were assaulted wherever they went. They resisted 25 years of orders from eleven successive popes to give up their cloaks, but were forced to find an alternative when Pope Boniface VIII banned striped clothing from all religious orders in 1295. Pastoureau was not able to prove a link, but bold stripes went on to become inmates’ prison uniform in the US in the 1800's. Horizontal stripes in black and white were adopted to signify the enclosure of the prison cell, and made its wearer easily identifiable should he succeed in escaping. Many states in America began to abolish the graphic uniform early in the a 20th century as its use as a badge of shame was considered undesirable.


How ridiculous that there is such speculation on stripes. Let's put aside these crazy ideas and celebrate stripes as just another amazing thing in this world of visual perception. I wear stripes yet my identity is not as an inmate, practicing witch, banished Pope, or having transfigured on my chariot nor am I a judge of them who chose that walk of life. How about you? What do you like about stripes? I accept stripes as a reminder that the world offers us much contrast and there is much to be celebrated. It's time for tea!

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