Strawberry Season

It is during the cold winter months when our minds often wander to what the summer season will be like. With the hard driving cold and the nippy air around us how can we help but let our minds wander. It is in those moments of hiding our glory with layers of warmth covering our precious outfits that are to be flaunted. These burdensome coverings encase us wrapped layer upon layer so that only our red tipped noses could be seen hiding us from the frigid temperatures. It is then that we start to imagine all kinds of wonderful things we will do during the warm months. Those feeling of true freedom. Our parading our finery in full sight without any fear of what the weather will do to us. We start to plan the perfect dates like parades and festivals and frolics in the sun. The circus, summer garden parties, and late night rendezvous also come to mind. Then we start to fantasize about the perfect dress to go with those perfect occasions. I personally start way ahead with planning my wardrobe. A dress for each occasion!

One of the most fun summer garden party dresses I have had the honor of making was the Strawberry Lolita Dress. It was the first hand painted dresses I had ever made and tho slightly tedious work, I found myself lost in June in a field covered with solid green leaves, juicy red strawberries bursting full of flavor. The dress had all the elements of a perfect day. Completed with its own 2 strawberry buttons, enough lace to wrap a table loaded with strawberry shortcake and savory mint julips. Each breath taking moment of its completion became an infused part of the creating process. I will never forget the beautiful photos I received from those labors. These lighted my senses and brought me a whole new round of inner applause. Here was one of my dolls, in a setting that was pure summer delight! Holding a darling parasol with lace gloves. It is to be debated whether she was heading to a tea party or to a lovely frolic in the strawberry patch. I do know that these photos brought summer to me every day since then and continue to do so. This is why I share them with you. Happy Frolicking!!!! Stay warm, Spring is on its way!

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