How to name your Doll

Do you like Dolls? Do you have a doll that you are looking to name? Here are some tips and secrets to picking a good name.

1. The mix and match method.

This method includes mixing and matching names that you like and converting them to new special names. Some examples would be: I picked five. Poli,Sandy,Girly,Maddie, Sarah and came up with some unusual ones like: lydie, madanly, girdy, sadie etc.

2. The "name it very close to something you like" method includes the following: Lets say you love lollipops, Call her "Lolli" or "Poppi". etc.

3. Pick a standard name something from a baby names book or best baby names. I always research what is the best for a certain era or most popular and choose that for my doll. This helps if my doll is older then I can find something closer to is era that would be best fitting.

4. Pick a character from your favorite book. Growing up I loved the Elsie Dinsmore series. I would name my dolls Violet, Elsie, Mildred, or anyone of the characters from that Martha Finemore series. The setting was perfect and the names just fit my dolls especially the ones that would come out of that era.

5. Another good way is to call your doll "Princess". Then add a name after that. This helps the process of choosing the name because only names that sounds great after "princess" seem like a good fit. This is if your doll is a more elegant and you see her as a princess. ;)

6. Randomly ask your friend to name your doll. It is inevitable that everyone has names that they have been saving for something special. Whether it is for one of their future babies or a name they heard that they liked. When you ask them it will give them incentive to share that name.

7. If you cannot make up your mind of which names to pick, put some names together in a hat. Host a tea party and have your friends choose for you. The name that is pulled out the most wins.

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