The Origin of Packman

Hi Dolls! Have you ever played PAC-man? Do you like video games? What are your favorites? One of mine is PAC Man. Yes, I used to play quite a bit of it and was very competitive at it.

Pac man was inspired by Pizza. In 1979 27 year old Toru Iwatani claimed he was staring at pizza when he thought of the game. The pie was missing two slices and thus resembled a mouth. Iwatani added ‘kawaii’ ghost enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde). It was the game that could be remembered as one that changed the decade and the way games were played. This game catered to boys and girls unlike the other games of its kind during that time. "Until PAC-Man came around women did play the games," James Jarocki, advertising promotion manager for Ball Midway, said in 1982. "Admittedly, Ms. PAC-Man was a spin-off, but we also wanted to say thank-you to women who had started playing Pac-Man."

While PAC-Man is ranked as the highest-grossing American arcade game of all time, Ms. PAC-Man is a major title in her own right. The game moved 125,000 arcade cabinets, and by 1987 it had pulled in over $1.2 billion in quarters. By one estimate, it’s the fourth highest selling arcade game of all time.

The dress above is my M’s PAC man dress made as a special recognition to pack man games. It comes custom in your size and is made with cotton. :) You can find it in my costume section or write me a note asking how to claim one.

Happy gaming!

Yours Truly


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