Parasols for the Aspiring Doll

"How to decorate your own sunshade"

Includes: The origin of the Parasol.

Sunshades, Umbrellas and Parasols have an interesting history behind them. Parasols are great protecting you anywhere anytime. I love taking parasols with me everywhere.

The history of sunshades goes back thousands of years. Umbrellas and parasols were introduced to Europe in the 16th century. They started out as large and cumbersome carried by servants and held over the wealthy to protect them from exposure. Parasols evolved into a woman’s fashion item in the 1700's. Each one was decorated to match the dresses or suits women wore in the warmer seasons. During Queen Victoria’s reign parasols went from being plain to more decorative. There were umbrellas for every style and walk of life. The richer women had more and the poorer had one or two just for going to church in. Now Parasols are even used in weddings and for special events even. There is also umbrellas and parasols designed for protection from rain or snow.

How to decorate the parasol of your choice:

You will need a few things to get started:

  1. Creative imagination to use on how you envision your umbrella to be.

  2. A color theme: (Your outfit or special event theme would give some direction.)

  3. Glue: ( a heat glue gun works really well on this.)

  4. Flowers: (These would be the heads of flowers detached from stems.)

  5. Lace Parasol: You can purchase one from my shop if you do not have one on hand.

  6. 3 ½ to 4 inch lace for around edge of umbrella.

  7. Ribbons: (These are best if they complement the colors of the flowers that you are using)

  8. Scissors: (Sharp ones to cut your ribbon ends and laces and flower petals if need be)

Getting started:

  1. It is best to first add additional lace to the edge of your umbrella before adding on the flowers. Glue or stitch on the lace.

  2. Next envision how you want the umbrella to look. Where you will put the flowers? Will they be near the top or scattered or around the edges of your umbrella? You may attach the flowers with pins or set them to get an idea of how they will work best for your design.

  3. Set your flowers one at a time with heat glue.

  4. Bows: To give the umbrella a fancier twist, ad small bows around your lace edge. About 3 inches apart is good. The bows should match the attached ribbon that you added at the very top of your umbrella.

  5. Let your umbrella dry for a few hours before closing or opening it. Be sure to test the umbrella before you take it out so that you make sure all the flowers and ribbons are intact. If some fall off, repeat step 3.

My passion for umbrellas does not stop here: I have provided more inspiration on the topic for the little ones who may not be able to make their own umbrella yet.

Check out “The Lonely Umbrella” on amazon.

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