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Having learned to sew at age 6. Priscilla saw a need for her friend's dolls to have prettier clothing, so she set out to sew for them. This Passion for Fashion evolved and at age 21 Priscilla started her first Etsy Shop in 2008. Sewing custom dresses for women around the world.

It became a world of dresses. In 2015. Priscilla Opened her first Brick and mortar store. Caught between throwing tea parties for friends and sewing dresses in 2022 Priscilla opened the tearoom and boutique in Carlsbad California. Priscilla believes in laces and frills and lots of icing. A dress to Priscilla means a new identity for each women. Priscilla also loves to coach women to be their best version of themselves and find their identity.

It's all about bringing back the doll in you! 





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