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Phone Advice Session

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

If your life is not what you expected it to be or you are not showing up in life as you dream then you are experiencing an identity crisis. consider my phone advice service.

  • 45 minutes

  • 120 US dollars

  • Phone

Service Description

With each session you can get access to  PriscillaDawn's Imput on creating your dream life, rediscovering your true identity, and finding your destiny. Priscilla will identify areas in your life that are blocking you from your maximum potential and keeping you from achieving your dreams. In 2008, Priscilla designed the dream dress. It was a way to allow every woman to become creative and wear something that brought out the best in her. Now she Priscilla will work with you to create your dream life. One session at a time. 


When you are in an identity crisis, or feel stuck, it can help to ask questions and get some practical guidance. Here's how it works: Email Priscilla at to schedule a 45 minute appointment or fill out our contact form below. Once you have scheduled, you will call (442) 286-2042 two minutes prior to your appointment time and give Priscilla your credit card information. She will run it for $120, then you'll talk for 45 minutes. Or, you can text Priscilla at 7608596319 to schedule your appointment. The first session is always 45 minutes, so Priscilla can get the information she needs to give you a plan of action. If you have additional phone advice sessions, these can be less than 45 minutes; you will be charged only for the time you use. Important Notice This Phone communication is not therapy. This will not be a therapeutic relationship. Priscilla phone sessions do not, cannot, take the place of an in-person therapist. This communication to you via phone is designed to provide limited advice and guidance to help you realign your life and find your destiny. 

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